Ex Libris

Dutch progressive/symphonic metal band

“A fabulous progressive metal act with mild influences of symphonic and power metal!”


Progressive powerhouse Ex Libris entered the world of heavy metal in 2004. Hailing from the Netherlands, a country known for it’s big and diverse female-fronted scene, they stand out as u unique voice within the genre. Classically trained soprano Dianne van Giersbergen soars and whispers throughout big, bombastic songs that are not only impressive in length, but also in sheer, raw power. There’s ample room for progressive licks, melodies and solo’s next to atmospheric and soothing soundscapes. But make no mistake, they put the pedal to the metal. Pounding double bass drums, furious riffs and frighteningly intense vocals all combine to make Ex Libris a singular force in the world of female-fronted music. Expect full-on musicianship, epic songwriting, extreme dynamics and the full emotional spectrum from one of the most gifted sopranos in The Netherlands.

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“In three songs, the dutch prog geniuses have taken Anne Boleyn’s story from the books and brought it back to life into the metal scene.”

ANN, a progressive metal trilogy

The band is currently working on their third release which will consist of three chapters. Each chapter will have three songs and will be different in sound. Next to that all chapters will tell the tale of a different historical figure named ‘ANN’.

Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn
Sound: Vintage progressive metal
Status: Released August 2018
Songs: “The Courtship”, “The Miscarriage”, “The Beheading”

Chapter 2: Anastasia Romanova
Sound: Symphonic progressive metal
Status: Release March 15th 2019!
Songs: “The Motherland”, “The Healer”, “The Exile”

Chapter 3: TBA
Sound: TBA
Status: Expected late summer 2019!

“On “Daughter of Corinth”, Dianne jumps right into the thick of it with her opera A-game!”

The earlier releases

Earlier on the band released 2 full length albums Amygdala (2008) and Medea (2014). Both albums are a nice showcase of how Dianne developped as a singer and story teller. In 2017 the band released a lyric video of the balled taken from the ‘Medea’ album which is titled ‘My Dream I Dream’.