All-round Soprano

Classic Soprano | Front Woman | Voice Over | Vocal Coach

“Dianne has the perfect ‘let’s do this’ attitude!”

“I simply love singing, sharing stories and shine, in the studio and on stage!

I took my first steps onto the stage with my band Ex Libris, even before I began my studies classical music at the conservatory. Chances are you’ve heard my voice on a Xandria record. But you also might have spotted me on Powerwolf‘s album ‘The Sacrament of Sin‘, or seen me during the Ayreon ‘Into The Electric Castle’ live shows! Maybe you’ve attended one of my master classes or are a student in my vocal practise.

These and many other vocal projects, big or small, make me one happy all-round soprano!”

“It’s always a pleasure to discover new songs and reconnect with familiar ones, through your beautiful singing. Thank you for entertaining us!”


When the Corona crisis hit Europe I made an attempt to entertain my social media followers by starting up my “Quarantine Quiz”. It’s simple entertainement but it does exactly what I need we need in times of crisis: feel united.

The quiz can be found on various social medea channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and is very easy to play!:
1 ▪️ Watch the Quarantine Quiz video to hear 30 sec of music
2 ▪️ Guess which song you’ve just heard
3 ▪️ Write your answer in the comments
4 ▪️ Wait for the following episode to find out if you were correct!

“From Beethoven to Bernstein, from front woman to voice over artist. This woman and her voice can do anything!”


Soprano Dianne van Giersbergen (1985) received her first singing lessons as a birthday present from her parents when she turned four. In the following years she was taught by various music teachers en she sang in several choirs.

In 2005 she started her studies in classical music at the ArtEZ school of music where she was taught classical singing by Elena Vink. During her studies she was a trainee at the Nationale Reisopera and she took master classes from Barbara Hannigan, Barbara Schlick, Dr. Maribeth Dayme, Claudia Patacca, Lodewijk Meeuwsen, Riekje Bakker and Felix Schonenbaum, among others. In addition to the classical repertoire, in her spare time Dianne brushed up on popular music with singing teacher Jolanda Geven. Caroline Almekinders taught her musical theatre. 19th May 2009 she rounded off her Bachelor’s with distinction. Her graduation was also the admission for the Master studie with which she decided to continue her studies.

While studying for her master degree, Dianne perfected her techniques to have classical music intermingle with metal music. Her master’s thesis deals with the vocal techniques and the compositional demands required to blend these styles and with the merging of protocol and free performance in this crossover style. Supervised by economist for the music industry Ton Lamers, she wrote a business plan outlining her vision of combining and executing this in practice, and staged a concert as part of her graduation recital in which she managed to combine, then blend, and eventually fuse these two genres.

In addition, she also attended composition courses, she wrote poems on behalf of composers and during her first year was chairman of the ‘New Artez Student Association’, a group of master students that focused on organizing and performing interdisciplinary classical concerts

“The highlight was definitely Dianne, who managed to pull the audience right in from the start!”


Dianne is front woman to progressive metal band ‘Ex Libris’ which she founded in 2004. Recently the band released their 3rd full lenght album “ANN”. In this trilogy the band brings 3 historical female characters (Anne Boleyn, Anastasia Romanova & Anne Frank) back to live by sharing their stories through there music.

Ealier on the band released “Amygdala” (2008) and “Medea” (2014).

Ex Libris discography

From 2013 to 2017 Dianne has been the front woman of German symphonic metal band ‘Xandria’. In the four years that they were together they toured the world and released 2 albums and 1 EP: “Sacrificum” (2014), “Fire & Ashes” (2015) and “Theater of Dimensions” (2017).

Xandria discography

“Dianne van Giersbergen gave us vocal fireworks.”


Dianne has featured in various productions and projects but would like to highlight her participation at the Karmaflow Rock Opera where she sang with the renowned Metropole Orchestra. On January 2015 this Rock Opera premiered at the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch (NL) and received many great reviews in the national news papers.

“Vrouwelijk vocaal vuurwerk was er van Marcela Bovio en Dianne van Giersbergen.”~Brabants Dagblad

Click on the photo to see a bootleg recording of the opening scene of the Karmaflow Rock Opera.
Photo by: Maikel Samuels.

“I heared Dianne’s narration and it completely ties the audio books and music together “


Dianne is a born story teller, not only as a singer but also as a voice over artists. With her band Ex Libris she is currently working on audio books that will accompany all three chapters of their progressive metal trilogy “ANN”. More recently however Dianne could be heared as thé voice of the Peace Palace in Den Hague during the ‘Grand Finale’ of the One Young World 2018 summit:

“Dianne’s enthusiasm and positive approach makes her a wonderful vocal coach!”


“Being a vocal coach means having the upportunity to pass on your talent and passion, which is a great blessing!”~ Dianne van Giersbergen. Currently Dianne is active as vocal coach in her own private practice, reguarly teaches vocal work shops in the conductor education program from conservatorium collegue Tobias Bethlehem and is working on her very first public masterclasses.