Dianne has worked as singing course instructor and singing teacher at ‘Het Domein, Centrum voor de Kunsten’ in Arnhem and more recently at ‘Kunsten Centrum Jeruzalem’ in Venray. Below you will find references from both staff and students:


Henriette Mooren,
Head of the music department, Kunstencentrum Jeruzalem

”I want to thank you very much for your commitment and dedication. You made a very good impression, we could not have wished for more. “


Marjo Weijers,
Adult courses, Kunstencentrum Jeruzalem

”I have relished your energetic and upbeat attitude towards singing. I always went home full of energy and happy after my lesson! In addition, I found your explanations very clear and focused on what bothers me vocally. I have learned a lot in recent weeks and find it very sad that your new practice is so far from Venray.”


Stef en Tamara Konings,
Adolescent courses, Kunstencentrum Jeruzalem

’Thanks for the singing lessons, you really taught us a lot. They were fun, informative and above all a challenge! “