Ex Libris



Ex Libris is a Dutch band with a music style encompassing a crossover between progressive metal and classical music. The songs they compose are described as innovating and they are admired by musicians and music lovers of both genres. The band does not conform to form or expectation but feeds on the talents of its members and the fusion of their musical ability.




On the 18th of Januari Ex Libris will release their second full length album titled 'Medea'. The album tells the full narrative of Medea from Greek mythology, divided into nine songs, which in total last over an hour. With every song the band reveals a little more of this horrific tale, and with every song the music gets more complex and layered. On top of that also the contrast in emotions grows bigger and will challenge the listener. All lyrics on this album are written by Dianne.  





In 2008 Ex Libris recorded debut album ‘Amygdala’ to critical acclaim. ‘A true joy for the listener from beginning to end’ – zwareMetalen.com, ‘Van Giersbergen takes a back seat to no vocalist and the production is as good as it gets. Another Dutch masterpiece!' - SonicCathedral.com. The lyrics on this album have been written and/or arranged by Dianne and treat the various phases, disappointments and discoveries of growing up.


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