Trial lesson

As an introduction to my method of working a trial lesson can be arranged. In this lesson we will get to know each other, discuss your goals and my methods. If you decide to continue the lessons, you receive a ‘10 lessons credit card’ and an invoice for this. The trial lesson is then stamped as Lesson 1. When you decide not to proceed lessons with me you will receive an invoice for the trial lesson. The costs are equal to one singing lesson.


10 lessons credit card

Invoices for a 10 lessons credit card must be paid before the 2nd lesson. The data on the card should fall within a maximum of 6 months.


Cancelling a singing lesson

A singing lesson must be cancelled (due to illness or similar) within 24 hours before the start of the lesson by phone, sms or email. When this is done correctly, the student retains the right to this lesson. If this is not done correctly, the student loses the right to this lesson. The lesson should be re-scheduled within 2 weeks. If the teacher cancels, the lesson will be re-scheduled in consultation (no extra costs for the student). There is no restitution of the course fee.



The student will be offered a recording of the lesson. This recording is not required and no extra costs are involved. Of course students may also record the lesson themselves.
The recordings must remain in possession of the student and may only be used for reference and as study aid. Distribution of this material (through YouTube or other media) is prohibited.